PHOSPHAX sigma Total-P analyser, 0.01-5.0 mg/L Ptot

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PHOSPHAX sigma - the P-analyser for in-house measurement with digestion

The process photometer is designed for determination of the total phosphorus content (0.01-5 mg/L). Analysis is based on the EN 1189 Phosphormolybdenum blue method.
Polyphosphates and some organic phosphorus compounds are hydrolyzed to orthophosphate by boiling in strong acid solution, and stable phosphorus compounds are reacted by sodium peroxydisulphate. The chemo-thermic reaction principle ensures complete breakdown within a few minutes. The measured values are indicated via a liquid crystal display (graphics display) as mg/L Ptot. Solid-containing samples must be homogenised before entering the process photometer.

  • Fast measurement of Total Phosphorus in just 10 minutes
  • Complete digestion
  • Low consumption of reagents
  • Automatic cleaning and calibration
  • Automatic cleaning and calibration